About us

The Bluecos GmbH is specialized in development and production of a huge range of UV-Gels and has one of the greatest and assortments.

Our UV-gels and UV laquers are exculively produced in Brunswick, Germany for 10 years. Everything is Made in Germany: Research & development,manufacturing, filling and packaging is always made in our own facilities.

We have one of the largest ranges of products and keep you always informed about our latest innovations. We use only high quality raw materials.

Our Services for your business:

  • Research and development
  • Bulk (0,5kg, 1kg, 5kg)
  • Standard filling (7,5ml, 25ml, 35ml)
  • Standard sales products (Branding: Blueberry Nails)
  • Sealing
  • Labelling
  • Filling into your crubile

Our company development:

  • 2000 - Fundamental research int he field of poylmetric plastics in Switzerland, USA and UK 
  • 2003 - Formulation and definition of the first model scale and color scale according to KVO
  • 2004 - Extensive practice tests by nail salons
  • 2005 - New construction of office, production and storage space with more than 1400 sqm
  • 2006 - Market presence in Germany
  • 2007 - Europe-wide marketing
  • 2008 - Revision of the safety assessment according to the EG and Reach regulations
  • 2009 - Expansion of production to a daily volume of up to one tonne
  • 2010 - Trade fair participations in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • 2011 - Trade fair participations in Germany, Russia and China
  • 2013 - Trade fair participation in Bologna / Italy
  • 2014 - Start of the development of the MPS color mixing system for UV-curing plastics, so that thousands of colors can be produced very easily
  • 2015 - Launch of the MPS color mixing system
  • 2016 - Sensational new developments: new base for high-coverage color gels and lacquers, UV varnish without sticky layer, UV gel with the consistency of cream
  • 2017 - New development: UV-IQ Color Serie: high-pigmented, high-coverage colors